Desert Rats

For the first time in recorded history, the complete short stories of the infamous Chinle Miller have been compiled in a book that the publisher hopes won’t get anyone arrested (especially the publisher). Come sit around the campfire with an archaeologist after he unwittingly brings a unique curse upon himself; watch Ernie, the county road supervisor, accidentally bomb his own highway shed; discover a cryptic form of rock art just in time for it to save your life; and discover how a Navajo uses a Hopi rain dance to start a fire in a gated development, shutting it down before it can even be built. This book has it all!

Invitation to the Blues

A nostalgic look at the little desert town of Thompson Springs, Utah, about 30 miles from Moab along I-70 and not far from Green River. Set to music by Roger Miller and with some family photos from the 40s and 50s. (Note that this is the same video as the one below called “Roll on Buddy” but with different music.)

Invitation to the Blues from Chinle Miller on Vimeo.

Utah Wildflowers

Walk in beauty! Utah wildflowers, set to Acoustic Alchemy.