RVing With Pets

petsJoin RV expert Sunny Skye as she shares her world of living on the road with pets—in her case, three dogs and three cats.

It’s a rich and rewarding world, one with never a dull moment, and Sunny uses lots of examples to show you how to successfully take your own pets along for the ride, whether you’re on a short journey or a long one, and whether you’re camping in a tent or living in a luxurious motor home.

Sunny says, “To me, doing what I want with my time is the ultimate success, whether it be exploring, writing, taking photos, or helping shelter and feed rescued animals. And I also especially like it when I can help show others how to live lives of freedom and be happy.”

Sunny covers the following in this book:

  • Initial Considerations
  • Using the Internet for Research
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • The Basics
  • Dealing with Different Personalities
  • Dealing with Special Needs
  • A Modified Experience
  • Preparing for the Road Medical and ID
  • Concerns Going to Canada
  • What Kind of Rig will You Have?
  • Trial Runs
  • Preparing Your Pet for the New Adventure
  • Special Equipment for Your New Life On the Road
  • Letting Your Pets Ride Free
  • Cats and Litter Boxes
  • While Traveling
  • Car Sickness
  • Dehydration and Heat Stroke
  • Climate Control
  • Medical Problems and Finding Good Vets
  • Safety
  • Bears Coyotes, Mountain Lions, and Rattlesnakes
  • Exercise
  • Where to Camp
  • Some RVers and their Pet Friends

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