Any Road USA: Living a Life of Freedom on the Road by Bob Davidson

anyDo you belong on the road? Would you be happier living a life of freedom, going wherever you want—north in the summer and south in the winter? But how do you get free of all the encumbrances life’s managed to trap you with?

Bob Davidson lives the life he loves, on the road, and he assures you that you can get free and live your life exactly as you want. Here, he tells you exactly how he did it, and it wasn’t necessarily with a grand master plan, as some say you must have to do it right. Bob’s journey will make you realize that anyone can do this—all you need is the will and drive.

So, join Bob as he breaks the chains (mostly mental) that prevent him from living the life he wants and gets on the road again, just like in the Willy Nelson song, but with plans for staying there.

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