Six Short Bigfoot Campfire Stories (Collection #4)

bf6shorts_lgAnd now, your chance to sample Rusty Wilson’s great storytelling! This collection of six short Bigfoot stories isn’t really so short, it has 65 pages of fun and Bigfootness! Great for both the Bigfoot believer and those who just enjoy a good adventurous story!

Flyfishing guide Rusty Wilson spent years collecting these stories from his clients around the campfire, stories guaranteed to scare the pants off you—or make you want to meet the Big Guy!

Come read about a territorial Bigfoot guarding a cave high in the Colorado mountains — a group of mountain bikers being stalked on a remote ride — a trio of mountain surveyors whose lunch is a bit too tantalizing — a night hike gone astray — the weather forecasting Bigfoot — and the kids who witness a Bigfoot picnic — all great campfire tales!

65 pages, 6 stories in an easy to read eBook. But only if you dare…

“I think Bigfoot is attracted to those who are like little children, who still see the wonder and miracles of the natural world..” —Rusty Wilson

65 pages
6 Stories

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