Rusty Wilson’s Hairy Trio of Bigfoot Campfire Stories (Collection #3)

hairy_trioRusty Wilson’s the kind of guy that if he sees you in town, he’ll buy you lunch. But since Rusty’s rarely in town, instead of buying you lunch, he’d like to give you a huge bargain price on a few of his stories so you can sample the crazy and mysterious world of Bigfoot. These great stories were collected by Rusty from his flyfishing clients around the campfire—and they’re stories you’ll never forget—even if you’d like to!

This little ebook has three new tales and two bonus ones from Rusty’s previous books, plus a special sample from a cool Bigfoot mystery—all in all, the equivalent of a 60-page print book.

So, even though Rusty’s trying to be generous here, read only if you dare! Or if you want to jump in with both feet and get his full-length books, Rusty has books available as ebooks and also as print books, just do a search on Rusty Wilson Bigfoot. And check out his blog at, which also has links to his books.

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