Uranium Daughter

Uranium-Daughter_lgIt’s 1961, the height of the Cold War and a young archaeologist sets foot into the wild canyons of southeast Utah, searching for a rock-art panel that possibly holds the answer to the disappearance of the Anasazi. She is accompanied by her dog, Buddy Blue, and a mysterious sometime-companion she calls Mr. Yellowjacket.

Here, in her recently discovered journals, Chinle Miller records her perhaps impossible quest for the elusive Bird Panel, as well as her journey through an inner landscape, seeking peace from betrayal by one of the great rascals of the era, Charlie Dundee, the Uranium King.

350 pages
ISBN 978-0965596169
6 by 9 inches
Paperback, MOBI, EPUB, or PDF

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3 thoughts on “Uranium Daughter”

  1. You books are very entertaining. I have all of your Bud Shumway series. Not often that you find a book that has mystery and humor without violence. Bud is a real gentleman. He is kind to everyone he comes in contact with.

    Please write more.

  2. Having grown up in Jeffrey City Wyoming from 1957 until our family left in 1965. I consider myself a uranium kid. I started first grade in the Rec Hall while watching the elementary school being built in 1957/1958.
    I am a true uranium daugther. My grandfather worked at the mill, my uncles gathered the ore and my father worked to repair the large equipment. One uncle was killed in an underground mine when a rack slab fell on him on Oct 29 1960.

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