Living The Simple RV Life by Sunny Skye

Living The Simple RV LifeAre you wishing for a better and simpler life where you can spend each day as you wish? RV expert Sunny Skye shows you how you can do exactly this, even if you don’t have much money.

Sunny has been RVing since she was a kid, and she’ll show you how to leave the American Dream behind for a more realistic and fulfilling way to live—a simpler and less stressful life.

Her book is not just filled with good advice, but also offers hope to anyone who wants to live on the road or close to nature but doesn’t have the money or know how to get started.

Sunny currently spends half her time as a campground host near a national park in SE Utah. She spends the other half on the road with a menagerie of dogs and cats in an 18-foot Aliner trailer.

This book covers the following topics:


  • Simplicity
  • Do You Have the Nomad Gene?
  • Should I Do This?
  • Can I Do This?
  • Making Great Memories

The RV Life
Do You Have What it Takes to Full-Time?
Is This Lifestyle for You?
How Can You Tell if You’ll Succeed as an RVer?
Leaving Your Options Open/Know Thyself
Some Benefits of the RV Life
Some Drawbacks of the RV Life
How to Get Started
Getting Free of Stuff
Getting a Rig
Picking a Home Base
Life on the Road
Is RVing Physically Difficult?
Getting Sick or injured
Work and Money
Where Can I Park?
Will I Be Safe?
On Loneliness and Civilization
Traveling with Pets
Communications and The Internet
Food and Water
Staying Clean
Having An Exit Plan

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This ebook is the equivalent of approximately a 92-page print book.

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