Rusty Wilson’s Wild and Weird Campfire Stories

Wild and Weird Campfire Stories
Wild and Weird Campfire Stories

And now, the infamous Rusty Wilson shares some of the stranger campfire stories he’s collected as a flyfishing guide—stories all on the creepy and wild side, stories that will leave goosebumps up and down your arms and chill your bones, campfire or not!

Follow along as two whacky paleontologists experience the dinosaur dig of their lives (and perhaps the last one of their lives) — and maybe helping a hippie backpacker sneak through the backwoods at the Canadian border isn’t such a good idea after all — then there’s the story of a love that can’t die, even though the lovers are both long gone — and a story that has the double whammy of both a ghost and a Bigfoot — and the tale of an impossible rescue from an avalanche that shows the meaning of true love, provided you’re not too creeped out to feel the compassion — and there’s the story about an Alaskan bush pilot who foresees his own future, as well as that of his friend — and also the story that asks if the land remembers tragic events…

Also included is Rusty’s famous story, “The Canadian Mountie,” a strange tale about destiny, and whether or not some of us can foretell our life stories.

Stories that will leave you wanting more—but only if you don’t want to sleep at night.

Rusty is known as the World’s Greatest Bigfoot Storyteller, and his books are in the Top 10 for Bigfoot stories. Come join him in some tales from the wild and weird side!

This ebook is the equivalent of approximately a 81-page print book.

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