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Chinle Miller wanders the outback of Colorado and Utah, eyeing civilization from a safe distance. She’s accompanied by her dogs and occasional ravens.

Chinle has a B.A. in Anthropology and an M.A. in Linguistics and is currently working on a B.S. in Geology.

Uranium Daughter

Uranium-Daughter_lgIt’s 1961, the height of the Cold War and a young archaeologist sets foot into the wild canyons of southeast Utah, searching for a rock-art panel that possibly holds the answer to the disappearance of the Anasazi. She is accompanied by her dog, Buddy Blue, and a mysterious sometime-companion she calls Mr. Yellowjacket.

Here, in her recently discovered journals, Chinle Miller records her perhaps impossible quest for the elusive Bird Panel, as well as her journey through an inner landscape, seeking peace from betrayal by one of the great rascals of the era, Charlie Dundee, the Uranium King.

350 pages
ISBN 978-0965596169
6 by 9 inches
Paperback, MOBI, EPUB, or PDF

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Desert Rats: Adventures in the American Outback

Desert Rats_lgFor the first time in recorded history, the complete short stories of the infamous* Chinle Miller have been compiled in a book that the publisher hopes won’t get anyone arrested (especially the publisher).

Come sit around the campfire with an archaeologist after he unwittingly brings a unique curse upon himself; watch Ernie, the county road supervisor, accidentally bomb his own highway shed; discover a cryptic form of rock art just in time for it to save your life; and discover how a Navajo uses a Hopi rain dance to start a fire in a gated development, shutting it down before it can even be built.

This book has it all – epic plane crashes, albino grizzly bears, accidental movie stars, runaway rednecks, wild Aussies, and even uranium miners with vanity plates on their old Dodge Power Wagons. And you’ll meet Annie, the sweet little old lady who unknowingly foils an attempt to open a cyanide pit gold mine. As a bonus, you’ll discover the possible fate of Everett Ruess, the young artist who went missing in the canyons many years ago. But best of all, included are the only known writings of Cactus Rat and Yeller Cat, two of the world’s finest and, shall we say, most unique, desert rats.

130 pages
ISBN: 978-0965596152
6 by 9 inches

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