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“Thanks for your comment on our ... website regarding my recommendation of your campfire bigfoot books...which I read on my Nook in just a couple sittings. Iíve been an avid reader and bigfoot follower for years and your books were absolutely awesome. I am a high school teacher and have recommended the books to parents of children who are reluctant readers and am going to order a set for my classroom.
Keep up the good work.


“Hey, it's Michel, Kair's Kid. Mom told me of your web site; very nice! It was realy cool (and kind of weird) to see her quilts displayed, you did a great job! Just wanted to say hi and let you know I mailed your link to all my friends. I know I'll be back :)”

[Editor's Note: Kair Regis has her homemade quilts on display in our Gallery. Click Here to see her beautiful quilts.]


“What a great site!”

[Editor's Note: Thank You!]

Nadine in Texas

“Hi! Just visited the gallery and saw the quicksand slides, loved them, was that real quicksand? I also like the gift shop!”

[Editor's Note: The making of Quicksand! was a only a simulation. Our model refused to be filmed in the real stuff, claiming he didn't trust us to throw him a rope if things got out of hand — probably a residual feeling from a mountain biking incident years ago when we convinced him he could out-pedal a grizzly bear in Yellowstone.]

A visitor in California

“Wow!!! What an awesome website!!! i LOVE IT and plan to visit often!”

Diana in California

“Love the site.”

Rick in Orygun

“This is a really cool website. I especially enjoyed the section about a book proposal from the doggy perspective! I look forward to Desert Rats. The ease with which you can navigate this site is wonderful - better than most I've seen.”


“Your website is great and takes me back to my Utah days; I lived in SLC from 1978 to 1984. I had fun browsing the website!”


“Your website is just beautiul. Makes me want to head out to Utah. Congrats on the site, and on Yellowcat Publishing.”


“I wanted to jump on a plane and go visit your lovely
lovely national parks after viewing your most
wonderful website. I've added it to my favorites.”

Carrie Ann

“Really that is a terrific website. You must be a proud 'mom'. Good luck!”


“Love, absolutely love, the website. The images of the dogs is priceless and the quality of the images, etc. of the entire site is awesome. You are really doing a good job. I want to order one of the Yellowcat Publishing hats.”