Six Short Bigfoot Campfire Stories (Collection #4)

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“Okay, I love Bigfoot. I would love to see one. This book is probably the next best thing. The stories are short and well written. They pull you in and in the end give me more faith that somewhere in the dark woods of this world these guys really exist. One of them make me half tempted to vacation in Nebraska for a few weeks just for fun! If you want a good read with some good tales, go ahead and get this book.” —Newell


"Once again Rusty Wilson has grabbed the imagination and ran with it! I was entertained and frightened, mystified and delighted, astonished and excited! This one is a fast-paced collection of short tales designed to raise the hair on your neck! The Bigfoot legend lives on in these pages, even more plausible than ever! (WARNING! This one may cause insomnia, especially if you are camping out in the woods all alone! Next time I'm taking some Thoreau along instead!)" —Rodney Miles


“This is a great book, with six intriguing bigfoot stories. This is an easy way to check out some of Rusty's unique stories. For only $3, it's a great deal! Rusty is an awesome writer. His stories held my attention, and are hard to forget long after I have finished reading his books. I highly recommend this book for a fun summer escape!” —Maya


“These stories aren't your run-of-the-mill Bigfootery. Rusty could tell a great story even if there were no Bigfoot in it. But add the Bigfootery, and the stories become unforgettable, and also fun to read. And very very authentic. The scary part is filled in by you, for the most part, because Rusty knows how to give you just enough description to get the imagination going. And where others use too much drama, Rusty lets the setting fill that in for you. I think Rusty's the world's greatest Bigfoot storyteller, bar none. ” —Rockhound

And now, your chance to sample Rusty Wilson’s great storytelling! This collection of six short Bigfoot stories isn’t really so short, it has 65 pages of fun and Bigfootness! Great for both the Bigfoot believer and those who just enjoy a good adventurous story!

Flyfishing guide Rusty Wilson spent years collecting these stories from his clients around the campfire, stories guaranteed to scare the pants off you—or make you want to meet the Big Guy!

Come read about a territorial Bigfoot guarding a cave high in the Colorado mountains — a group of mountain bikers being stalked on a remote ride — a trio of mountain surveyors whose lunch is a bit too tantalizing — a night hike gone astray — the weather forecasting Bigfoot — and the kids who witness a Bigfoot picnic — all great campfire tales!

65 pages, 6 stories in an easy to read eBook. But only if you dare...

“I think Bigfoot is attracted to those who are like little children, who still see the wonder and miracles of the natural world..” óRusty Wilson

65 pages
6 Stories

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