The Ghost Rock Cafe

The Ghost Rock Cafe by Chinle Miller

“I recently purchased Ghost Rock Cafe on Amazon via my Kindle and read it over the weekend. Really enjoyed it!

While I did cringe a little at an early description of a "well-hammered" rock hammer (ouch!), I really lost myself in your story-telling and imagination, and did not see the ending coming! Which is a good thing.

Anyway, I liked it a lot. Very easy to read, smooth prose, enjoyable, interesting characters and story. Sensible solution. Good job, well worth the reasonable purchase price. Thanks!” —Scott


The Ghost Rock Cafe Rocks! I found it hard to put down, even though the baby was crying (Mom was at work.) A real page-turner! The characters are new and refreshing—not the same lame stereotypes we find all too often in Hollywood fare. There is action and intrigue, mystery and the stench of Bigfoot, all mingled with a rapier wit, all set in the Great American Southwest, all in a small sleepy ranching community, and at a remote old diner—places that literaly gave me fits of nostalgia (even though the baby was still crying.) A great and lively read! I highly recommend it, and I anxiously await the movie.” —Rodney Miles


“I couldn't put this book down. What a great read! It's as authentic as it gets, and the plot has a...well, I can't tell you, or it will ruin it. If you like mysteries, Bigfoot, and the wilderness, this book has it all—including trains, movie producers, geology students, ranchers, floods, watermelon farmers, missing cattle who really aren't missing, ravens, weener dogs, Indian pots, dynamite truck drivers, stretch Hummers...the list is endless and makes for a wild and sometimes terrifying tale, but one that's a real page-turner, tons of fun, and a great read.” —Rusty Wilson, author of “Rusty Wilson's Bigfoot Campfire Stories”


“A very entertaining read. The dialog is well done and the characters are great. The settings are unique and have a great western flavor. Excellent!” —Roger Dean Miller, Geologist


“What mystery contains a mix of LEO's, small town personages, students & profs with a pinch of murder and intrigue? Well, it's none-other-than The Ghost Rock Cafe by author Chinle Miller.

Chinle concocts some lovely stew of rock-hounds, recluses and ravens with a pinch of canine and Barney Fife-like humor on a bed of Bigfoot, shale, petrified oysters and resourceful journalistic flair.

For this reader's admittedly first mystery novel, it was a sweet read of just about the right proportions. The setting was airy, dry and dusty but the mystery was painted with an oily mix of Bigfoot, Burgers and Broncos (the kind with four "rubber" legs) which was a formidable and combustible combination for the Sheriff and his appointed rounds.

Just when things got to be a little still, the twists and turns would propel the affair in the direction some might find to be least expected but it suited me fine. The boot-strapped conclusion topped the creative effort off with a satisfying feeling of just the right concoction of technical information, mundane small-town events, money, greed, humor and a dash of romance.

I would give the book five stars for a tantalizing read for this BF-afficionado. Hat's off to Chinle. I am already looking forward to reading some of Chinle's other books (her videos are rave too). It is presented as a Kindle ebook on” —Rocket Man (Asheville, NC)

An old hermit has been killed in Utah's wildlands, and Sheriff Bud Shumway knows it's murder, even though some say it was a cougar kill. Others think it was done by a Bigfoot who has roamed the area for years, killing cattle and leaving people so traumatized that they never want to go into the wilderness again. But Sheriff Shumway can't afford to believe in Bigfoot, given the huge area he's responsible for, most of it wildlands.

Set at the Ghost Rock Cafe, high on the wild and mysterious San Rafael Swell, this mystery will have you laughing, scared to death, and wondering if Bigfoot might really exist. In any case, you'll find out who really killed the hermit of Swasey's Cabin, and it may not be who you think.

246 pages
ISBN 978-0-9655961-9-2

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