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Official Bigfoot Field Researcher Caps

Official Bigfoot Field Researcher Caps

Not everyone can claim to be a Bigfoot Research Specialist! Stand apart, officially, with any of these quality caps.

Choose Your Cap Style

Khaki - $15

The Classic Khaki. Low profile, unstructured.

Denim - $20

Good ol' fashioned USA denim never goes out of style! This is an old school "Trucker Style" high profile structured cap.

LED Lighted Caps - $25

Look no futher, this is THE one cap to have if you want hands-free illumination while beating a trail out of the wilderness after dark. Featuring Electronic Contiguous Beam (ECB) Technology, these caps feature embeded side by side LED optic lights that form a powerful beam of light for either up-close or distance applications.

The 2 front visor lights shine forward up to 40 feet, and a third undervisor light shines down for close up work! These powerful white LEDs create 22,000 to 25,000 MCD (millicandelas) each and have battery life of over 25 hours. (Batteries are replaceable and can be found in most any store.)

Hat is fully washable and electronics are waterproof. Great for Emergency, Professional, Outdoor, or Home usage - or for tracking Bigfoot on the trail at night!

Price: $15.00 - $25.00
Cap Style: