Bigfoot Campfire Stories (Collection #1)

Bigfoot Campfire Stories

"Iíve spent a lot of my life sitting around a campfire, swapping stories with my fishing clients. We always have fun, but sometimes we donít sleep too well afterwards." —Rusty Wilson


"Rusty Wilson has brought together a great bunch of diverse stories to entertain and mystify. This is an excellent book for the serious Bigfooter, and for anybody who loves a mystery. With 18 stories and over 200 pages, this book will thrill and intrigue, leaving you with your hair standing on end. I loved it!." —Rodney Miles

A new Bigfoot book for both the Bigfoot believer and those who just enjoy a good story!

Flyfishing guide Rusty Wilson spent years collecting these stories from his clients around the campfire, stories guaranteed to scare the pants off you!

Come read about a lonely albino Bigfoot ó being stalked in the forests of northern California ó a Bigfoot and his dog ó rockhounding in Nevada with the Big Guy ó the Bigfoot who tried to stop the BASE jumpers ó and many more great campfire tales!

And best of all, youíll marvel at the recent discovery of a cave where Bigfoot possibly recorded their language!

205 pages, 18 stories in an easy to read eBook. Only $9.99!


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