Chinle Miller spends her time in the wildlands of Utah and Colorado, eyeing civilization from a comfortable distance.

She has a B.A. in Anthropology from Colorado State University, an M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Colorado, and an honorary PhD in Archaeology from Plateau University.

She is originally from Western Colorado.

Chinle Miller

Irby Miller was a gifted writer and historian. His life spanned several eras, and he loved writing about the many changes he had witnessed, contributing stories to several books and a number of magazines. When he was just a lad of seven, his family moved to a homestead near Craig, Colorado, as recounted in his book "The Ozark Clan of Elkhead Creek."

He had a brilliant mind and a near-photographic memory and was adept at fixing about anything, from old farm machinery to the latest in computers and electronic gizmos. He was at his happiest when writing on his laptop or working on his ham radio gear (call letters W0RQC) or exploring the backcountry. He also had a passion for railroad history, which meshed well with his love of exploration. He enjoyed making homemade instruments and played guitar with his gospel quartet, the Sonshine Mountaineers.

In his later years, Irby especially enjoyed hanging out and swapping tall tales with his friends, members of what he called the "Old Codgers Club" or the "Liar's Club." Together, they solved many of the world's problems. Irby passed away on December 31, 2006.

John Foster studied geology and has spent many memorable days in the high deserts of Colorado and Utah.

He currently lives in Montrose, Colorado.

Chinle Miller

Val FitzPatrick was a cowboy with the famous Two Bar outfit in northwest Colorado and tells what it was really like to be a cowpuncher on one of the West's last frontiers.

He was born January 4, 1886 and lived to the age of 102.

Since all his life was spent in Ute country, he had an intimate knowledge of the Northern Utes.

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Rusty Wilson grew up in the state of Washington, in the heart of Bigfoot country. He didn’t know a thing about Bigfoot until he got lost at the age of six and was then found and subsequently adopted by a kindly Bigfoot family.

Because of his background, Rusty is considered to be the world’s foremost Bigfoot expert (at least so by himself, if not by anyone else). He’s spent many a fun evening around campfires with his clients, collecting stories.

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Jerry Sintz grew up on a farm in Indiana. Education includes a bachelor's degree in biology from Hanover College in southern Indiana and a master's degree in wildlife management from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. His 33-year career in the natural resources field began with the State of Indiana in 1968 and the last 29 years were with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in New Mexico and Utah. He and his family have lived in Utah since 1979.

Retiring from the BLM in 2001 enables him to devote more time to his photography. During college Jerry became interested in photography and over the years it has become a passion with him. He is primarily self-taught.

You can see more of Jerry's work at

He currently lives in Sandy, Utah.




Chinle Miller

Mindy Miller is an artist living a life of creative simplicity in the splendor of Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Mindy was born in Des Moines, Iowa to a family of artists. Her grandfather, Frank Miller, Sr., was an illustrator for the Kansas City Star for 40 years, when artists were sent out to sketch events rather than photographers to photograph them. He developed a loyal local following. Her parents met at the Kansas City Art Institute. Following college, Mindy's mother worked as a fashion illustrator for Harzfelds Department Store in Kansas City, while her father was sent to Korea.

Upon his return from Korea, the family moved to Des Moines where Mindy's father assumed position of front page editorial cartoonist for the Des Moines Register. He won a Pulitzer prize in 1963 for his anti-war work. Like his father, he developed a loyal and admiring local following.  He died suddenly at the age of 57 in 1984. Her mother worked with various art techniques until hitting on her passion, batik.

Mindy has an equally talented sister, Melissa Miller, who is also an artist. You can view Melissa's work at

Mindy Miller